put me under your ear just like a warm blooded doll -benji

The things that you’ve done might not have seemed like much. They’ve been adding up. So, don’t give up. We’re only here to build stuff.

play along.

tabs for Alone

Who wouldn’t leave their heart in Brooklyn?

This is from The Honor Bar which is available for purchase digitally on iTunes and through Serious Business Records if you’re more into the physical and it can also be streamed on Spotify. 

I was young and full of fire when I left home…

Bonafide American Dudeeeeeeeessss

You have to love a record label that isn’t driven by profits, hipness, or some misguided attempt to capture and define a style. New York-based label Serious Business is a label of love — love for music of all kinds.
 Tim Sendra, Allmusic Blog on SBR

video for Higgins’s “You Don’t Like What I Do” off of their latest record, Straight A’s

Benji with a falcon.

Benji with a falcon.

Live in Connelly NY. 5.5.12. Off the debut record “Dear Higgins”

Visit Higgins’s Bandcamp where you can stream their new record Straight A’s 

It’s available via iTunes digitally, or you can get it on CD or a sharp looking green vinyl at Serious Business Records

sweet music. you can buy the 7” and it comes with a CD and cookie!