1st single from the Travis-produced LP out 9/10 on Ernest Jenning …

"Taut New York five-piece MiniBoone are an enchanting mesh of old-school energy and new-school melody. The band mixes the dervish energy of ‘78-era post-punk with the super-hooks of modern indie-pop-think Buildings And Food-era Talking Heads if David Byrne could travel back in time and tell himself about Arcade Fire." - Christopher Weingarten, The Village Voice

“Joyous power-pop with unpredictable twists and turns… With guitar feedback, jerky rhythms and catchy hooks, these songs can get stuck in your head for days on end.” - NPR All Songs Considered Blog

Since their first appearance in 2008, Miniboone have shared stages with acts as diverse and acclaimed as the B-52s, Art Brut, and Real Estate, and brought their witches’ brew of caffeinated, unabashedly-delivered power pop to audiences at festivals such as Bonnaroo, South By Southwest, CMJ and NXNE.

After two EPs and one 7” comes the first full-length, covering the fertile crescent of stylistic ground between Squeezey brain-pop and Queeny big-sounds while, if you listen close enough, telling the classic story of friends trying to find their place in a rapidly changing urban environment that wants nothing more than to co-opt them, confuse them into adulthood, jerk them around from desk job to spineless desk job, and scare them straight with tales of unfulfilled dreams and missed chances. They recorded the album over the course of a year at Serious Business studios in Manhattan with producer Travis Harrison (Lifeguards, Homosexuals) and the result is equal parts proto-punk rave up (“The Superposition of Human Affection”), harmony basted slow burn (“Magic Eye”), and Hall-and-Oates-spectrum smooth-rock (“Baby, I Hope So”).


The Paparazzi - Serious Business on BTR [ep113]

Erik Paparazzi has been recording and touring in various incarnations of The Paparazzi since way back. His heroes are the underdogs of pop like Harry Nilsson, Nick Lowe, Todd Rundgren, Lee Hazelwood, Brian Wilson, and all the other musical visionaries who can get down with happy accidents, soul power, and the lushness of it all. And his experiences performing with the likes of Cat Power, Dirty Delta Blues, and other notable acts informs his powerful solo work. Here, he catches up with Travis, talks about his work, and offers a rousing interpretation of a perhaps-familiar commercial.

Featured Song: “Hi”

The Paparazzi’s Rococo is available from Serious Business Records.

The Paparazzi on Serious Business Records:

19 heads are better than 8 1/2 heads, these are lovely people.

19 heads are better than 8 1/2 heads, these are lovely people.


Benji Cossa - A Rainbow
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Benji Cossa: “A Rainbow”


Cumberland Falls is in Daniel Boone National Forest, Tennessee. On a clear night a moonbow or lunar rainbow is visible at the base of the falls. Check it out.

BENJI COSSA: FAVORITES 04: VAL BRITTON Outsider pop-God Benji Cossa is anthologized by his good friend of many years Val Britton, an acclaimed visual artist with an ear for greatness.

This is the lone non-Kevin Fish original on Higgins’ Straight A’s record. It was written by Josh Kaufman. This is a gem. Josh is a gem. Higgins make gems, exclusively.

Benji Cossa - Between Us
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BENJI COSSA: “Between Us” from 24 KARAT BAND


I have recently heard a telling difference between cats and dogs. If a cat owner dies alone with the animal and no other food source, the cat will dive right in and eat the deceased person. Out of loyalty, the dog will wait a day or so.

fuck spirals! we don’t need ‘em.

free tunes

Faces of Business

Faces of Business

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npr gets it.


Self-described as “hot, raucous, retro swing for two,” Two Man Gentlemen Band lives up to its claim. But, as the name suggests, there’s a subtle ridiculousness to the group’s sound. You can download “Pork Chops” here, a song which claims, “My girl tastes like pork chops when I kiss her / I wonder what she had for dinner.” Yum?

There’s so much Serious Business on Spotify, it’s downright crazy. Here’s just one great example.

Higgins cover The Velvet Underground

Higgins's cover of “We're Gonna Have a Real Good Time Together” Stream it on Soundcloud, and check out our page there, we have hundreds of songs up for your listening pleasure.

and if you like this, definitely check out Higgins’s new record, Straight A’s. Also available on iTunes or on green vinyl!